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Crypto is known for its many life-changing opportunities, immense & tight communities, and influential social media personalities. Finding your spot within this rapidly-evolving environment and finding the community you fit in can be a struggle.

Network AI aims to help users expand & improve their network opportunities by getting them in touch with the right people to level-up their crypto experience. All at the ease of a Telegram Bot on your smartphone. For anyone, anywhere, at any time.

This is your ultimate community building and networking solution. Our Telegram Bot is designed to connect like-minded individuals, increase brand awareness, and build communities from scratch. Utilizing AI technology to link perfect matches that align with your interests & needs.

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V1 App Features

Create Profile

The bot allows you to create your personal profile. Share your name or alias, the region you currently live in, and your interests.


The AI-powered algorithm finds a match with another user from the app, based on your profile and interest inputs.


You decide whether you ‘Like’, or ‘Dislike’ the match. When two people ‘Like’ each other, they get notified and can open a chat.

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  • Open Telegram hub
  • Launch $NAI token
  • Release Network AI V1
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Strategic partnerships
  • App V1 feedback
  • Exchange listings
  • Launch network AI V2
  • Release roadmap V2


Total Supply


Circulating Supply


CEX & Development


Team Supply



5 / 5

Liquidity Pool



$NAI's token will be utilized in premium app features, new functionalities, and memberships in updated version releases.

TAX usage:

Taxes will be invested in further research & development of the application, improving the AI matching algorithm, and adding new functionalities. Furthermore, it will be invested in marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and infrastructure improvements.

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Why Choose Us


Telegram is an encrypted platform, compared to your usual 'social media' platforms or 'dating apps'. Making it the perfect place for meeting new people with similar interests without someone looking over your shoulder.


The networking app aims to connect users that share similar interests. Projects can build communities from scratch based on matching criteria and build brand awareness. This app helps you expand your professional and personal network.


$NAI is a utility token that functions as the foundation of the Network AI platform and its community. It can be used for exclusive & premium app-features and new functionalities when updated version releases.

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